Licensed Psychologists

What is a Psychologist?

Psychologists are specially trained in theories, assessment, and treatment approaches that have proven successful in helping people live happier and healthier lives. Over the course of their training (usually 6-7 years of graduate school after college, plus 1 year of internship, followed by 2 additional years of supervised practice before licensure) psychologists learn to use their intuition and experience as well as research/data in their approach to treatment.


All psychologists at Bryn Mawr Psychological Associates are experienced, licensed, doctoral level psychologists. They have earned their degrees at high quality APA approved graduate programs and attended APA approved internship sites. Our psychologists have specialized training in Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in addition to other interventions and therapeutic approaches.

How Can a Psychologist Help?

At the heart of therapy is a process of listening and talking that provides support, hope, and effective strategies for the client. Often, clients find it helpful to express their concerns in an objective and supportive setting, to receive guidance in dealing with their issues, and to gain greater self-understanding. Success in therapy depends in part on the motivation of the client, on the particular problems the client is experiencing, and on the therapist. An active effort on the part of the client during sessions and at home is also an important factor. Psychologists have advanced training in diagnostics and in testing when needed.